Friday, January 22, 2010

Cow Parade's 2010 - São Paulo

Ok, this year it is not in Rio, but it is so close that is worthwhile to go to São Paulo for the Cow Parade's that starts today! See some of the cow top models below:


Ok, este ano não é no Rio, mas está tão próximo que vale a pena dar um pulinho em São Paulo para a Cow Parade's, que começa hoje! Veja abaixo algumas das vacas top models:


fazrul arhan said...

It's a nice cow models!
How did they make it? What is the materials? The look is fine..i like it.And how did you took the pic of it? Cause it's no background color on it..or maybe you edit it?

Vania Moreira said...

Hi Fazrul, nice to see you in "my place"!

I don't know what is the material that these cows are made, but I know that is a specific one that permits them to be painted, because each artist customize his/her own cow in brilliant colors and stuff.

In 2007 Rio de Janeiro was the home of one CowParade’s as well, and I had the privilege of seeing all the cows around the city. They are usually huge, the same size as a real one, and they stay spread in many different points of the city that has this parade.

The first parade was created in Zurich (Switzerland), in 1998. Since its conception the success follows its track. It's a very amusing way to express the street art and to promote a real democratic opportunity of culture. In 2005, the CowParade's tour took place, for the first time, in South America, in São Paulo city.See more detail by clicking on the links below:

About the photos, I picked them up from the 1st link above.

fazrul arhan said...

It's interesting to know that the model is as big as a real cow.I can imagine how beautiful it is if view in a real life,haha..even in a pic it look so amazing..good post Vania.

Vania Moreira said...

Thank you, Fazrul!
Yes, it´s really an amazing parade!
And you know, some people buy a cow to have it, for example, in front of their shops! It's good because everybody can enjoy the colorful cow for ever!