Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hang Gliding, let's do it? / Voo de asa delta, vamos fazer?

Hang gliding is an air sport in which trained pilots fly a glider using only the wind and thermals to stay aloft. There is no motor involved, not even to get into the air. The glider is fully controllable and pilots can land where and when they want and travel big distances. The world distance record is over 700km. It’s the closest man has got to flying like a bird.

In the very early days of the sport – the early 1970s – pilots have only very short flights on small hills. But the gliders and the sport developed, so now the pilots are suspended securely in a modern harness.

So, another kind of entertainment appeared - the dual flight - when a very experienced hang-glider flies together with another person! Do want a more perfect place than Rio de Janeiro to practice this flight modality? See below a short video of Nader Couri's film, a well known Carioca hang-glider, as a preview from what you will see!


O voo de livre é um esporte aéreo no qual pilotos treinados voam usando somente o vento e as termais para sobrevoar. Não há nenhum motor, nem mesmo para ajudar na decolagem. A asa delta é totalmente controlável e os pilotos podem aterrissar onde e quando quiserem, além de percorrer grandes distâncias. O recorde mundial de distância é de 700km. Na prática do voo livre é que o homem consegue chegar mais perto do voo dos pássaros.

Nos primórdios do esporte – começo de 1970 – os pilotos conseguiam fazer apenas vôos curtos, saltando de pequenos morros, mas como as asas e o esporte em si evoluíram bastante, agora é possível voar por longos períodos com equipamentos modernos, em total segurança.

Assim, um novo entretenimento surgiu – o voo duplo – quando experientes pilotos voam junto com outra pessoa! Você quer lugar mais perfeito para essa modalidade do que o Rio de Janeiro? Veja abaixo um pequeno vídeo do Nader Couri, um famoso piloto carioca, como uma prévia do que você verá!!!

Wings, a Carioca Dream / Asas, um Sonho Carioca


fazrul arhan said...

I never thought before that the slider is fly without any motor involved. This is marvellous,oh God!
I wanna fly like this,fly top on the air till i can reach the sky,hahaha.
Can't imagine how beautiful my life is IF...(the dual flight - when a very experienced hang-glider flies together with another person!- i wish this in my life with someone that i love).

No! I don't think i want more perfect place than Rio de Janeiro to practice this flight modality.
Agree with you :)

Vania Moreira said...

Hi Fazrul! Great comment, as usual!

You know, I have flown in Rio some years ago with a friend of mine, who worked as an instructor of hang gliding and also by doing dual flights. He was very good and competent on it, but even so, I still don’t know how I had the courage to be the other “pilot” that day, eheheeh…When we arrived on the top of the high hill he told me about his “surprise” for my birthday!!! I don’t know, even today, how I did this, how I jumped from the ramp, because I’m afraid of flying!!! But I can remember the sensation till today: as soon as you jump, the land below your feet d-e-s-a-p-p-e-a-r, you fall in a terrible vacuum, your stomach comes to your mouth, you feel like dying…but suddenly, the freedom, the beauty, the God’s presence in all around you, and even in you! A mix of fear, astonishment, freedom and power, but above all, the respect for our Creator and for our Mother Nature!

Yes, I think that Rio is the best place to fly, and although any fear, I strongly recommend it, at least once in your life, because it’s an unforgettable experience!!! You definitely should try it one day!

fazrul arhan said...

I'm just about to ask you either you have tried it before...lol.
You are a great woman..i can imagine how you feel when you are flying, haha..it's a great experience and a dream for us no matter how fear we are to do that.
I bet you are type who love a challenge in your life,do you?

Vania Moreira said...

Yes Fazrul, I am, because life is too short and there are too many things to do, places to go, people to know, stuff to learn...wow! And time also flies!!!