Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brazilian handicraft / Artesanato brasileiro

Our handicrafts are as colorful as our country! Made of typical and natural Brazilian materials such as recycled woods, fruits, seeds, cotton, etc., these creative and awesome pieces can be a great souvenir or gift for those who enjoy receiving or collecting this kind of stuff, in Brazil or abroad. Many of these pieces can be very expensive as they are unique and some are even assigned by famous artists. Below are few of them that can be bought in "Chácara Tropical's shop:

Nossos artesanatos são tão coloridos e alegres como o nosso país! Feitos de materiais naturais e tipicamente brasileiros, tais como, madeiras recicladas, frutas, sementes, algodão, etc., estas criativas e maravilhosas peças podem ser uma boa lembrança ou um presente para aqueles que gostam de receber ou colecionar este tipo de souvenir, tanto no Brasil quanto no estrangeiro. Muitas destas peças podem ser bem caras, pois são únicas e algumas são assinadas por artistas famosos. Abaixo estão algumas peças que podem ser adquiridas no empório da "Chácara Tropical":


riyan said...

wow!! awesome and so creative.are they made of wood? btw the wave images in the side bar is really fantastic.But sad i cannot download them though :(

Vania Moreira said...

Hi Riyan! Thanks!
Yes, the majority of them are made of wood; the dolls, the chickens and the mermaid are made of "cabaça", which is a dry fruit very used in handicrafts and also as kitchen stuff, such as cups, bottles, bowls, water-pipe, etc.
About the wave pics, I'll try to put its links in order to download them! Please wait for a while, ok?

Vania Moreira said...

Hi Riyan!
The amazing photos belong to Clark Little photographer. So, type "clark little waves" on your google browse and voilá, many awesome pics will appear! Or go directly to www.clarklittlephotography.com/gallery
The site is amazing, what's more, you can buy many stuff, such as posters, books, cards, etc.
Enjoy it!

riyan said...

Thanks for the info and link Vania :)

Rachel said...

Great stuff!

Unknown said...

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