Sunday, February 7, 2010

The funny Pre-Carnival! / O divertido Pré-Carnaval!

The Carnival will be only next week but the happiness is already in the air! Below some photos of Cariocas’ "blocos", a kind of street parade that precedes the Carnival. They usually occur during the day, mainly in the mornings, when whole families have fun together in a perfect harmony and joy!


O Carnaval começará somente na próxima semana, mas a alegria já está solta no ar! Abaixo algumas fotos de blocos cariocas que desfilam antes o Carnaval. Eles frequentemente ocorrem durante o dia, quando famílias inteiras se divertem juntas e em perfeita harmonia!


Anonymous said...

Funny photos, nice party!

fazrul arhan said...

You always know what to put in your blog..i love all the colorful photos in here.It make this blog stand up on his own even with only the photo itself..great post Vania.

Senior Debutante said...

Great post again. I had a nice read and enjoyed the pre-carnival photos. I love your music here as well.

I have a blogging award for you on Valentine's Day. Sorry but I had been away from home and I missed to inform you about it. Please check it in my last post. Thanks for giving me joy in blogging.

Vania Moreira said...

Dear Fazrul and Senior Debutante (and also Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous!),

Sorry for my delay in answering you, but I was away from home on holidays, in a very nice place (soon you will know!) miles away from the famous Brazilian Carnival!

Thanks for your kind words again!
As bloggers, you know how comments are rewarding for us!

Fazrul you will see much more colorful photos!

Senior Debutante I'll see your last post, but I'm afraid that the time is over...but thanks anayway!

lechua said...

heya... this sure looks like a fun carnival!!

Vania Moreira said...

Dear Lechua!
Thanks for your visit and comment!
Your blog has also amazing photos!
I loved mainly the Chap Goh Meh and the Gong Xi Gong Xi ones! They are very colorful as well, full of red lanterns, fireworks and joy! And the dragon photo is really beautiful (have you noticed the one in my blog?). Keep working (and visiting me!) ;o)