Sunday, February 28, 2010

The correct Rio's Anniversary Day!!! O dia correto do aniversário do Rio!!!

Oh God, last month I made a huge mistake: on January 20th I posted that it was the anniversary of Rio…but it wasn’t!!! From time to time me and other Cariocas experience this same confusion, forget the real date again and make this same mistake, and I don’t know why!!! So, last month we celebrate the day of our Patron Saint, San Sebastian only, and tomorrow, March 1st, we will celebrate the 445th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro! But no problem, it will be one more day to celebrate! So, again, happy anniversary Rio de Janeiro!!! Below is a very original homage for my beloved city, enjoy it!


Oh Deus, no mês passado eu cometi um erro enorme: no dia 20 eu postei que era o dia do aniversário da cidade...mas não era não!!! De tempos em tempos eu e outros cariocas fazemos esta mesma confusão, esquecemos a data certa e de novo cometemos este erro, e eu não sei porquê isto acontece!!! Assim, no mês passado nós celebramos apenas o dia do nosso patrono, São Sebastião, e amanhã, dia 1º de março, é que nós vamos celebrar o 445º aniversário do Rio de Janeiro! Mas não tem problema, será mais um dia para celebrar! Então, de novo, feliz aniversário Rio de Janeiro!!! Abaixo uma homenagem bem original para a minha amada cidade, divirta-se!


Pokagon Member said...


Like any of us would even know, you could tell me it is the Brazilian xmas and I wouldn't know any better.

My entire education of your beautiful country comes from you.

I tell my Potawatomi friends about your Brazil, most of us never left Michigan.

Have a great day!

Vania Moreira said...

Bohzo Nikan! I feel happy and proud for your interest in my country! This is the amazing side of internet, where people from many different places around the world can exchange cultural information! You, like me, try to keep alive and spread the tradition and folklore of your community, which by the way also seems to be very interesting for me as well! I have just seen a video from your blog and I think that we have many things in common: we belong each other to a place with happy people that love to celebrate live by dancing and singing!

fazrul arhan said...

Do not worry of make a mistake Vania.
People is alive when they make mistake more and more,haha.
Anyway,i have to tell that you have a great taste of art.All your pics here not only tell how beautiful your country is..but it showed how great the taste of arts inside of you. Great post from a great woman!!

Vania Moreira said...

Hi Fazrul, nice to see you here again!
You know, are completely right, we only learn and become wiser by making mistakes!
And thanks for your kind words again, as I said before, it's a pleasure when we can find sensitivy and inteligent people, and even friends, like you, on the internet!

fazrul arhan said...

You are a great friend too, to experience my visited here..cheers:)

Vania Moreira said...

Thanks Fazrul!
So, keep coming ever and ever! You're always welcome, my friend!