Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Glamorous Copacabana Palace Hotel / O glamoroso Copacabana Palace

The Copacabana Palace Hotel was opened in 1923 as the most luxurious in Rio de Janeiro. Even today it still shows a well preserved, glamorous and classic architecture. This landmark was designed by the French architect Joseph Gire, who was inspired by two hotels, the Negresco in Nice and the Carlton in Cannes. Since its opening, the hotel has had only two owners, the Guinle family of Rio de Janeiro and since 1989, Orient-Express Hotels, Trains & Cruises. The hotel can be seen in the midia because of the several famous movies, such as “Flying down Rio” from 1933, where the actors Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced for the first time, and for its famous guests such as Theodore Roosevelt, Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, Lady Di, Brigitte Bardot, Mick Jagger, Tom Cruise and many others. The hotel is considered the most sumptuous edifice from the gender in South America, and one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

O requintado Hotel Copacabana Palace foi inaugurado em 1923 como o mais luxuoso do Rio de Janeiro. Ele mantém a sua arquitetura clássica e glamorosa muito bem preserva. O edifício foi criado pelo arquiteto francês Joseph Gire, que se inspirou em dois outros hotéis: o Negresco em Nice e o Carlton, em Cannes. Desde a sua abertura, o hotel teve apenas dois proprietários, a família Guinle e, desde 1989, a cadeia Orient-Express Hotels, Trains & Cruises. O hotel pode ser visto em vários filmes famosos, como “Voando para o Rio”, de 1933, onde os atores Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dançavam pela primeira vez, e também pelos hóspedes famosos, such as Theodore Roosevelt, Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, Johny Weissmuller, Lady Di, Brigitte Bardot, Mick Jagger, Tom Cruise, entre muitos outros. O hotel é considerado o mais suntuoso edifício do gênero na América do Sul, e um dos mais belos do mundo.


Lita C. Malicdem said...

Beautiful! Heavenly photos! Wish I were there with you, my Friend Forever! Thanks!

Vania Moreira said...

Yes Lita, it would be very nice spending some days in a so cozy and stylish place with you! We would look like celebrities!!!